Brighten Your Kitchen with Wireless Counter Lights

Elevate your home lighting with the Wireless Under Counter Lights. These versatile and innovative lights are designed to bring convenience, safety, and style to your home. Whether you need a motion-activated light for late-night kitchen trips or a bright task light for reading or meal preparation, these lights have you covered. Say goodbye to fumbling in the dark and embrace a brighter, more efficient home.

The Wireless Under Counter Lights are a game-changer in home lighting. They offer a range of features that make them a must-have addition to any room. From motion-sensing technology to dimmable brightness levels, these lights are both functional and energy-efficient.

Product Features:

1. Upgraded Motion Sensor Technology: Set the lights to motion sensor mode, and they will automatically turn on when they detect human motion within a 120° angle and up to 10ft away in dark or low-light environments. Say goodbye to stumbling in the dark or searching for switches.

2. Always-On Mode: You have the option to set these lights to always-on, allowing for continuous illumination. Whether you’re reading, camping, or need a flashlight, these lights have you covered.

3. Upgraded Dimmable Lighting: With 40 energy-saving LEDs and a glare-free frosted cover, these lights provide bright, eye-friendly illumination. Unlike fixed brightness settings, these lights offer five levels of brightness, giving you the flexibility to adjust the light according to your needs.

4. USB-C Rechargeable: These wireless lights come equipped with a 1800mAh rechargeable battery that can be easily charged via a type-C cable. No need to worry about wiring, power outlets, or frequent battery replacements. A single full charge can last up to 7-30 days in Motion Sensor Mode (usage-dependent) and 6 hours at 100% brightness in Always-On Mode. Please note that the USB wall adapter is not included.

5. Easy Installation & Wide Usage: Installing these lights is a breeze, thanks to their built-in strong magnets. They can be easily attached to iron surfaces, making them perfect for kitchens, closets, cupboards, pantries, basements, stairs, hallways, and more. Alternatively, use the included 3M adhesive metal plates to place them anywhere you desire. Their magnetic design also makes them easy to remove and recharge.

6. What You Get: This package includes 2 cabinet lights, 2 USB cables, 6 adhesive iron plates, 6 screws, and 1 user manual. Plus, you’ll receive a 12-month quality assurance and a 90-day full money-back guarantee. Light up all the dark corners of your home where electric outlets are not available with these wireless under cabinet lights.


  • Convenient motion sensor mode for hands-free lighting.
  • Always-on mode for continuous illumination.
  • Adjustable brightness levels for various tasks and occasions.
  • Hassle-free USB-C rechargeable battery.
  • Easy installation with built-in magnets or adhesive plates.
  • Versatile and suitable for various spaces in your home.


Experience the future of home lighting with the Wireless Under Counter Lights. Say goodbye to stumbling in the dark and hello to a brighter, more efficient home. With motion sensor technology, adjustable brightness, and easy installation, these lights are the perfect solution for illuminating dark closets and cabinets where electrical outlets are not available. Enhance your home today with the Wireless Under Counter Lights.