Precise Nozzle Water Sprinkler – Yard Hydration Solution

Introducing the Eden 96213 Lawn & Garden Essential Oscillating Sprinkler, your partner in maintaining a lush, healthy lawn and garden. This water sprinkler is designed to cover up to 3,600 square feet of your outdoor space, ensuring that every corner receives the hydration it needs. With 16 precision nozzles, adjustable range controls, and a patented sealed turbo drive motor, this oscillating sprinkler is the perfect choice for effortless and efficient watering. Plus, the weighted base adds stability, and the built-in cleaning tool keeps your nozzles in pristine condition. Transform your yard into a green oasis with the Eden Water Sprinkler for Yard.

Keeping your lawn and garden looking their best requires the right tools, and the Eden 96213 Oscillating Sprinkler is here to make your watering tasks a breeze. Whether you have a sprawling lawn or a carefully cultivated garden, this water sprinkler is designed to provide maximum coverage, ensuring that every inch receives the hydration it needs.

One of the standout features of this sprinkler is its 16 precision nozzles. These nozzles are strategically positioned to cover even large lawns and gardens with ease, making sure no area is left parched. The sliding tab range controls are easy to use, allowing you to make coverage adjustments effortlessly. With a simple slide, you can tailor the watering pattern to suit your specific needs, ensuring every plant gets the right amount of water.

The heart of this oscillating sprinkler is its patented sealed turbo drive motor. This motor not only ensures smooth and efficient operation but also contributes to a longer gear life, providing lasting value. No more struggling with finicky or inefficient sprinklers – the Eden 96213 delivers consistent performance season after season.

Stability is crucial for an effective sprinkler, and that’s where the weighted base comes in. It helps keep the sprinkler firmly in place, even on uneven terrain, so you can trust that it will water exactly where you need it to. Plus, maintenance is a breeze with the built-in cleaning tool for nozzle cleaning. Keep your nozzles free from debris and in optimal condition for reliable watering.

Product Features:

Maximum Coverage: 16 precision nozzles provide maximum coverage, ideal for large lawns or gardens.

Adjustable Range Controls: Easy-to-use sliding tab range controls make coverage adjustments simple and tailored to your needs.

Smooth Operation: The patented sealed turbo drive motor ensures smooth operation and a longer gear life.

Stability: The weighted base adds stability, keeping the sprinkler in place during operation.

Nozzle Cleaning: A built-in cleaning tool makes it easy to keep your nozzles clean and in perfect working condition.


The Eden Water Sprinkler for Yard offers numerous benefits:

  • Efficient Watering: Cover up to 3,600 square feet with ease, ensuring every inch of your yard gets the hydration it needs.
  • Customizable: Adjust the watering pattern to suit your specific lawn or garden layout for precise and efficient watering.
  • Reliable Performance: The patented sealed turbo drive motor guarantees smooth and efficient operation, season after season.
  • Stability: The weighted base keeps the sprinkler securely in place, even on uneven terrain.
  • Easy Maintenance: The built-in cleaning tool ensures that your nozzles remain free from debris, contributing to consistent and reliable watering.


Elevate your lawn and garden care with the Eden 96213 Lawn & Garden Essential Oscillating Sprinkler. With its generous coverage, precision nozzles, adjustable controls, and reliable motor, it’s the perfect tool for keeping your outdoor space lush and vibrant. Say goodbye to uneven watering and hello to a healthier, more beautiful yard and garden. Make the smart choice with the Eden Water Sprinkler for Yard and enjoy the benefits of effortless and efficient watering.