Onasti Foldable Toddler Stool – Independence and Safety Combined

Are you looking for a practical solution to help your toddler reach new heights, gain independence, and explore the world around them safely? The Onasti Toddler Folding Multifunctional Stool is here to provide the perfect blend of convenience, safety, and versatility. From potty training to kitchen adventures, this adjustable three-step stool is designed to grow with your child.

The Onasti Toddler Folding Multifunctional Stool is much more than just a step stool. It’s a valuable tool in your child’s journey towards independence and self-discovery. Whether your little one is reaching for the bathroom sink, helping in the kitchen, or climbing into bed, this stool is designed to be their trusty companion.

Product Features:

Height Adjustable: With its unique 270-degree turning top panel, this three-step stool easily transforms into a two-step stool or a toddler chair, accommodating children at different ages and stages of development. It’s a versatile solution that grows with your child.

Space-Saving: The folding design of this step stool ensures that it won’t take up unnecessary space in your home. When not in use, simply fold it up with ease, making it an ideal addition to any room.

Multifunctional: This three-step standing tower serves multiple purposes. It functions as a toddler kitchen stool, a toilet potty stool, a bathroom sink stool, and even as bedside stairs. The added handrails provide essential security for your child while they learn to be independent, helping them conquer each growth milestone. It can also assist them in reaching high shelves or a cozy sofa.

Stable, Anti-Slip, Eco-Friendly: The “A” type stable structure ensures the stool’s stability, while the thickened non-slip pads and wider pedals offer extra security. The double handles are designed to be easy to grip, free of any sharp edges, allowing your baby to embark on their independent journey with confidence. Made from non-toxic PE material, it’s both durable and BPA-free.

Perfect Gift for Children: Kids love to explore and lend a hand, and this toddler ladder makes it safe and easy for them to do so independently. It empowers your little one to establish healthy habits like handwashing and brushing teeth while fostering independence from a young age.

Comes with A Gift Tap Extender: As an added bonus, our Faucet Extender makes it fun and easy for your child to learn how to use the sink independently. It not only makes your life easier but also turns handwashing and tooth brushing into enjoyable activities for your child.

CPC Certification: Safety is paramount, and our stepping stools for kids have undergone rigorous CPC certification to ensure that every detail is qualified and safe for children and families. Our commitment to child safety shines through every aspect of our design.

Easy to Assemble and Clean: Assembly is a breeze, with no need for additional tools. You can have it ready in just 10 minutes. And when it comes to maintenance, it’s as simple as a wipe-clean.


The Onasti Toddler Folding Multifunctional Stool is more than just a stool; it’s a valuable tool for your child’s development and independence. It provides them with the support and confidence they need to explore the world around them while ensuring their safety and comfort.


In conclusion, the Onasti Toddler Folding Multifunctional Stool is a must-have addition to your child’s daily routine. It’s a versatile, space-saving, and eco-friendly solution that grows with your child. Invest in your child’s independence and confidence with this essential toddler tool. Order yours today and watch your child conquer new heights with a smile.