Stainless Steel Oil Filter Spoon Set – Premium Quality

Crafted from premium 304 stainless steel, this set of three skimmer spoons is designed to handle the hottest temperatures, making them ideal for deep frying, skimming, and straining. Say goodbye to greasy and foamy culinary challenges, and hello to a world of precision and ease in your kitchen.

Cooking is an art, and the Newness Fine Mesh Skimmer Spoon set is your paintbrush. With three different diameters of skimmer bowls, these versatile tools cater to all your culinary needs, from small to large tasks. Whether you’re separating foam from broth, skimming grease, filtering grains, or scooping up breadcrumbs, these skimmer spoons have you covered.

Product Features:

  • Food-Grade 304 Stainless Steel: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these skimmer spoons are built to withstand even the hottest temperatures. They are perfect for deep frying and cooking with boiling liquids. You can trust in their strength and durability, as they won’t rust or corrode, ensuring they last for years. Cleaning is a breeze, and they are dishwasher-safe for your convenience.
  • Practical Size: The set includes skimmer spoons with different diameters to suit your specific needs. The sizes range from 3 inches to 5.4 inches in diameter, and each boasts a comfortable 8.3-inch long handle. You can find the perfect tool for various cooking tasks, and the product photos provide more detailed information.
  • Multi-Function: These fine mesh skimmer spoons are incredibly versatile. They excel at separating foam, fat, and grease from your culinary creations. Use them for filtering quinoa, miso, grains, or for scooping up breadcrumbs from oil or vegetables floating in water. They are truly ideal for everyday cooking.
  • Ergonomic Handle: The long, round, and hollow handles are designed with your comfort in mind. They protect your hands from hot grease and oils, providing a non-slip grip that’s heat-resistant. Cooking becomes a joy when you have the right tools in your hands.
  • Easy to Store: Each skimmer spoon features a convenient built-in hole on the handle, allowing you to hang them up for easy storage after use. Keep your kitchen organized and your tools within reach.


  • Cook with confidence, knowing your skimmer spoons can handle high temperatures.
  • Choose the right tool for the job with different diameters and long handles.
  • Tackle a variety of cooking tasks with ease and precision.
  • Protect your hands with ergonomic, heat-resistant handles.
  • Keep your kitchen tidy and organized with built-in hanging holes.


Elevate your cooking game with the Newness Fine Mesh Skimmer Spoon set. Crafted from top-quality stainless steel, these skimmer spoons are your ticket to culinary precision and convenience. With their versatility, ergonomic handles, and easy storage, they make cooking a pleasure rather than a chore. Say goodbye to greasy challenges in the kitchen and embrace a world of culinary creativity with the Newness Fine Mesh Skimmer Spoon set. Upgrade your cooking tools today.