Upgrade your kitchen with the 2-Pack Kitchen Spoon Rest/Spoon Holder for Stove Top – the versatile, heat-resistant, and eco-friendly solution to keep your kitchen organized and your cooking mess-free. With these multifunctional utensil rests, you’ll discover a convenient way to keep your ladles, pot lids, forks, and more in one neat and tidy place. Plus, as a bonus, we’re including a silicone sponge as a gift to make your kitchen even more efficient.

The 2-Pack Kitchen Spoon Rest/Spoon Holder for Stove Top is designed to simplify your cooking experience and enhance your kitchen’s functionality. Crafted with heat-resistant and eco-friendly materials, these utensil rests are more than just handy additions to your kitchen; they’re essential tools for keeping your countertops clean and organized.

Product Features:

Heat Resistant & Eco-Friendly: Our spoon rests are made of 100% food-grade PP, ensuring safety and peace of mind in your kitchen. These BPA-free rests are heat-resistant and designed not to slip around, even in the hottest of cooking environments. The silicone spoon holder can withstand temperatures up to 320°F (160°C) without getting hot or melting.

Multiple Utensils & Lid Holder: This multifunctional kitchen tool serves as a utensil holder, utensil tray, and pot lid holder stand all in one. The larger slots are designed to accommodate a variety of utensils, while the longer bottom section securely holds ladles. The higher edge is perfect for keeping pot lids measuring 6.5 to 13.5 inches in place.

Countertops Neat & Drip-Free: The simple lines and cute design of our spoon holder add a touch of charm to your kitchen decor while keeping your countertops tidy. The generous drip area ensures that any stray liquids from multiple utensils are captured, preventing messes. Cleaning is a breeze, even after the spills have dried on.

Easy To Clean: The spacious utensil rest cover can hold a substantial number of utensils, saving space on your stove table and keeping it free from grease and oil. Cleaning is hassle-free, whether you choose to toss it in the dishwasher (top rack) or handwash it. These utensil rests are built to last and withstand regular use in any kitchen.

Perfect Gifts: The modern design and simple yet cute shape of these spoon holders complement any kitchen decor. They make perfect gifts for chefs and kitchen lovers, enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of any kitchen. With one green and one pink spoon rest included in each pack, you can add a splash of color to your kitchen while staying organized.


Elevate your kitchen organization with the 2-Pack Kitchen Spoon Rest/Spoon Holder for Stove Top. These versatile and heat-resistant utensil rests are designed to simplify your cooking routine, keep your countertops clean, and add a touch of charm to your kitchen decor. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen enthusiast, these utensil rests are the perfect addition to any culinary space. Plus, with the included silicone sponge as a gift, you’ll have everything you need to make your kitchen more efficient. Upgrade your kitchen today and experience the convenience and style of the 2-Pack Kitchen Spoon Rest/Spoon Holder for Stove Top.