Premium Refrigerator Liner Set – Keep Your Fridge Clean and Organized

Upgrade your refrigerator with our 8-Piece Refrigerator Liner Set – the perfect addition to any kitchen. These versatile liners are designed to fit any refrigerator size and offer a multitude of uses, from non-slip shelf mats to utensil coasters. Say goodbye to messy spills and stains, and hello to a cleaner, more organized fridge.

Tired of dealing with spills and stains in your refrigerator? Our Refrigerator Liners are here to save the day. This set includes eight liners, each measuring 17.71″ x 11.41″, pre-cut for standard fridges. For larger refrigerators, simply combine multiple liners and stitch them together to fit seamlessly.

Product Features:

  • Upgrade: We’ve taken the hassle out of using refrigerator mats. Just apply the nano transparent glue to the smooth side of the mat, and it will securely adhere to your refrigerator shelf, preventing any unwanted movement. This solves a common issue faced by buyers.
  • Features: These liners are incredibly easy to customize to your desired size with a simple pair of scissors. Place the smooth side down to grip the shelf for easy disassembly and cleaning. Flip it over to reveal the convex pattern side, providing a non-slip surface that prevents food items from sticking.
  • Multi-purpose: Our refrigerator liners are more than just liners. They can also serve as fridge shelf liners, drawer liners, and cabinet drawer liners. Whether you’re outfitting your RV, home, or kitchen, these versatile liners can be cut to size to fit anywhere in your house as needed.
  • Non-toxic & Durable: Crafted from high-quality Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate, a food-grade polymer with a rubber-like softness, these liners are completely non-toxic and safe for direct contact with your food. Plus, they’re built to last, ensuring a long lifespan and reusability.


  • Keep your refrigerator clean and organized.
  • Prevent spills, stains, and sticky residue.
  • Easily customize the liners to fit your needs.
  • Securely attach liners with nano transparent glue.
  • Non-slip surface keeps items in place.
  • Use in the fridge, drawers, and cabinets.
  • Made from non-toxic, food-grade materials.
  • Durable and reusable for long-lasting use.


Upgrade your kitchen with our 8-Piece Refrigerator Liner Set. These versatile liners offer the perfect solution to messy spills and disorganized fridge shelves. With easy customization, secure attachment, and a non-toxic, durable design, they’re a must-have addition to any RV, home, or kitchen. Keep your fridge clean and your food fresh with these practical and stylish liners. Order yours today!