HOOSUN Premium Garden Flag Stand – Easy Assembly

Upgrade your garden’s style and make a statement with the HOOSUN Premium Garden Flag Stand. Crafted with precision and designed for elegance, this garden flag stand is the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Whether you want to showcase your favorite flag at your front door or in your backyard garden, this premium flag pole holder has got you covered.

The HOOSUN Garden Flag Stand is a versatile and durable addition to any garden or outdoor area. Crafted from high-quality black metal and featuring a weather-proof paint finish, this flag stand is built to withstand the elements and stand tall against the wind and rain.

Product Features:

1. Sturdy Design: Our garden flag stand is constructed with a robust black metal frame that ensures stability and longevity. The 3-piece collapsible pole design makes it easy to store when not in use, and it can be quickly assembled when you’re ready to display your flag.

2. Exquisite Design Flagpole Accessories: This premium garden flag stand comes with a set of thoughtful accessories, including a Tiger Clip and two Spring Stoppers. The Tiger Clip is designed to secure your flag in stormy weather, preventing it from being blown away. The Spring Stoppers are adjustable, accommodating different flagpole sizes. Installation is a breeze with our detailed instructions.

3. The Perfect Garden Flag Stand: Whether you want to welcome guests with a flag at your front door or add a touch of charm to your backyard garden, this garden flag stand is the perfect choice. Its sleek and elegant design will complement any flag you choose.

4. Applicable Size: This stand can hold garden-sized flags up to 13 inches in width. The flagpole has a diameter of 0.24 inches, and the total width of the top pole is approximately 15 inches, with the middle and bottom poles measuring around 16 inches.

5. Package Include: When you purchase the HOOSUN Premium Garden Flag Stand, you’ll receive everything you need for quick and easy assembly. The package includes three piece poles for a complete flag stand, one Tiger Clip, two Spring Stoppers, and detailed assembly instructions. We take extra care in packaging your product, ensuring it arrives in perfect condition.

6. Easy To Assemble: Setting up your garden flag stand is a breeze. The three-piece poles can be easily tightened to create a stable and durable flag stand. The well-made threads and reinforced joints add to the stand’s stability and longevity.

7. Enjoy Our Service: At HOOSUN, we value your satisfaction. If you have any questions or need assistance with your garden flag stand, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact us through the “Ask a question” feature, and we will promptly assist you with any inquiries or concerns.


  • Elevate your garden’s appearance with an elegant and sturdy flag stand.
  • Secure your flags in stormy weather with the included Tiger Clip.
  • Adjustable Spring Stoppers ensure compatibility with various flagpole sizes.
  • Quick and easy assembly with detailed instructions.
  • Durable construction and weather-proof paint for long-lasting use.
  • Exceptional customer service to address your needs and concerns.


Enhance the beauty of your garden or outdoor space with the HOOSUN Premium Garden Flag Stand. Its sturdy design, thoughtful accessories, and ease of assembly make it the perfect choice for displaying your favorite flags. Plus, our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that you’ll have the support you need throughout your ownership. Elevate your outdoor decor with this premium garden flag stand today!