Efficient and Versatile: Portable Mini Washing Machine

Tired of the hassle of laundry day, especially when you’re on the go or living in a small space? The Portable Mini Washing Machine is here to revolutionize the way you clean your clothes and more. This ultrasonic turbo portable washer is your versatile, energy-efficient, and space-saving companion, perfect for home, business, travel, college, RVs, apartments, and more.

The Portable Mini Washing Machine takes convenience to the next level. Whether you need to wash your socks, underwear, dishes, or even makeup brushes, this compact washing marvel has got you covered. With its powerful cleaning technologies and user-friendly design, it’s a game-changer for anyone seeking efficient, on-the-go cleaning.

Product Features:

Superior Cleaning Performance: This portable washing machine combines the power of high-frequency vibration cavitation with ultrasonic and turbo cleaning technologies. It uses automatic forward and reverse rotations, alternating every 30 seconds to effectively eliminate stains from clothing and other items. Plus, it features a 30-minute automatic shutdown function for added convenience.

USB Powered and Energy Efficient: Forget the need for bulky power cords. This mini washing machine is powered by USB and can be easily connected to a 2A or higher power bank. Its intelligent timing ensures that you’re promoting environmental protection, water conservation, and energy efficiency with each use. Despite its compact size, it can handle up to 1KG of clothes and operates quietly, so it won’t disrupt your rest or sleep.

Premium and Compact Design: Crafted from durable ABS material, this portable washing machine is built to last. Weighing only 6.5 oz, it’s incredibly lightweight and occupies minimal space. The upgraded suction cups provide enhanced stability, safety, and a long service life. The material is not only reliable but also safe, odorless, and trustworthy.

User-Friendly Operation: Operating this washing machine is a breeze. Attach it to the bottom or edge of a bucket, add your clothes, detergent, and water, connect the power, and initiate the washing process. The machine will automatically shut off after 30 minutes, ensuring your convenience and peace of mind. Just remember to unplug it after cleaning to save energy.

Versatile Application: The Portable Mini Washing Machine is incredibly versatile, making it suitable for various scenarios. It can be used with any bucket, washbasin, or sink, making it perfect for travel, business trips, apartments, and personal clothing. Additionally, it serves as a portable dishwasher in the kitchen, simplifying the washing of fruits and vegetables. Its compact size allows for easy carrying and storage, ensuring it’s always ready when you need it.


The Portable Mini Washing Machine is your ticket to hassle-free, efficient cleaning, no matter where you are. Say goodbye to laundry day woes and hello to quick, energy-efficient washing. It’s the ultimate solution for anyone looking to simplify their cleaning routine and enjoy clean clothes, dishes, and more with ease.


In conclusion, the Portable Mini Washing Machine is your compact, efficient, and eco-friendly cleaning companion. Whether you’re at home, on the road, or in a small living space, this versatile washing marvel will transform the way you handle cleaning tasks. Upgrade your cleaning routine and experience the convenience of the Portable Mini Washing Machine today. Say goodbye to laundry hassles and hello to clean, fresh clothes and more, whenever and wherever you need it.