Ergonomic Handle Oil Dispenser – Streamline Cooking

Are you tired of juggling multiple bottles and sprayers while cooking, cluttering your precious kitchen space? Do you desire a versatile, food-grade solution that simplifies your culinary adventures? Look no further than the CXINYI 17oz Olive Oil Dispenser – a 2-in-1 oil dispenser and oil sprayer that redefines convenience and efficiency in the kitchen.

The CXINYI 17oz Olive Oil Dispenser is a culinary marvel designed to elevate your cooking experience. With the perfect balance of functionality and innovation, this product effortlessly combines the roles of both oil dispenser and oil sprayer, reducing countertop clutter and streamlining your cooking routine. Whether you need a fine mist or a controlled stream, this versatile tool has you covered.

Product Features:

Dual Functionality: Say goodbye to the clutter of multiple bottles and sprayers. Our olive oil dispenser is ingeniously designed to serve as both a spray and a pour bottle. This means you can easily switch between spraying a delicate mist and pouring a precise stream of oil, adapting to your cooking needs with ease. It’s a game-changer that simplifies your kitchen space and routine.

Clever Nozzle Design: Precision is key in the kitchen, and our oil sprayer for cooking delivers just that. Featuring a thoughtfully designed nozzle, you can effortlessly control the oil distribution. Simply press the spray button for a fine, even mist or lightly press for a steady, controlled stream. Say hello to consistent, hassle-free oil application that ensures an even coating on your dishes and pans.

Food-Grade Materials: Your health and safety are paramount to us. That’s why our oil dispenser bottles are crafted from high-quality, food-grade materials that are as sturdy as they are durable. Unlike fragile glass containers, ours are shatterproof, guaranteeing lasting performance in your bustling kitchen. Rest easy knowing that our products are 100% odor-free, BPA-free, and toxin-free, preserving the purity of your ingredients.

Ergonomic Handle Design: We understand the importance of comfort and convenience while cooking. That’s why our oil sprayers feature an intelligently designed handle that provides a comfortable grip. It makes holding and maneuvering the dispenser a breeze, ensuring effortless control and precision when adding oil to your dishes. Cooking has never been this enjoyable.

Lifetime Warranty: We have unwavering confidence in the quality and durability of our oil dispenser bottle for the kitchen. To give you peace of mind, we back our product with a lifetime warranty. This commitment ensures that you can depend on our product for years to come, providing exceptional value and reliability in your culinary endeavors. Our dedicated customer service team is always ready to assist you, making your satisfaction our top priority.


  • Simplify your kitchen with a 2-in-1 oil dispenser and oil sprayer.
  • Enjoy precise control over oil distribution for perfect dishes every time.
  • Trust in the safety of our food-grade, shatterproof materials.
  • Experience comfort and convenience with our ergonomic handle design.
  • Gain peace of mind with a lifetime warranty and exceptional customer service.


In conclusion, the CXINYI 17oz Olive Oil Dispenser is not just a kitchen tool; it’s your culinary companion. Its dual functionality, clever design, and commitment to your health make it an indispensable addition to your kitchen arsenal. Upgrade your cooking experience and simplify your space with the CXINYI Olive Oil Dispenser today. Order now and redefine convenience in the heart of your home!