The Laundry Alternative: Manual Washing Machine for Sustainable Living

Introducing the WonderWash Portable Washing Machine by The Laundry Alternative – your solution for clean laundry anywhere, without the need for electricity. This compact, hand-cranked wonder is designed for those living in apartments, tiny spaces, boats, RVs, and anyone seeking a more eco-friendly way to wash small, frequent loads. With its high-quality materials, stylish retro design, and exceptional portability, the WonderWash is your go-to choice for convenient and efficient hand washing.

Laundry day doesn’t have to be a hassle, especially when you have the WonderWash Portable Washing Machine at your disposal. This manual hand-cranked washer offers a unique and convenient solution for those who value sustainability and space efficiency. Say goodbye to the laundromat and hello to clean clothes on your terms, whether you’re in a small apartment, dorm, condo, motor home, or even out camping.

Product Features:

  1. Compact, Non-Electric: The WonderWash is a mini washer that requires no electricity. It’s the perfect choice for apartments, singles, boaters, RV enthusiasts, and anyone dealing with small, frequent loads like hand washables and diapers. This portable washer can handle a 5-lb. load and can clean your clothes in just a couple of minutes, using less water than traditional hand washing.
  2. High-Quality Material: Crafted from high-quality ABS material, the WonderWash is not only environmentally friendly but also durable and wear-resistant. Its compact design makes it ideal for limited spaces, including dorms, apartments, condos, motor homes, RVs, and even camping trips.
  3. Portable and Stylish Retro Design: The WonderWash boasts a stylish retro design that adds a touch of nostalgia to your laundry routine. It’s perfect for washing delicate items like woolens, silks, knitted dresses, cashmere garments, and diapers, ensuring that your most cherished clothes are treated with care.
  4. Patent-Pending E-Z Lid Lever: Our Wonderwash model features a new patent-pending E-Z lid lever, making it easier to use than older lid screw designs. You won’t have to worry about the handle insert falling out after just a year or two of use. This top-load electric manual washing machine measures 12 x 16 x 12 inches and weighs only 5 pounds, making it the ultimate non-electric, hand-powered washer and dryer.
  5. Available in Wonderwash Retro Colors: Choose from a range of stylish retro colors, including Mint Green, Yellow, Blue, and Pink, to match your personal style and decor.
  6. Hassle-Free Three-Year Warranty: At The Laundry Alternative, we take pride in the durability and longevity of our laundry machines. To back this up, we offer a solid three-year warranty on all our washer and dryer models. If any issues arise with your machine within this period, our dedicated customer service team will promptly address your concerns. Our goal is to ensure your laundry experience is smooth and worry-free, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.


  • Enjoy clean laundry anywhere, even in small spaces.
  • Reduce water and energy consumption with this eco-friendly washer.
  • Delicate clothing items are treated with care thanks to its gentle washing action.
  • Easy-to-use E-Z lid lever ensures long-lasting durability.
  • Choose from a variety of retro colors to match your style.
  • Rest easy with a hassle-free three-year warranty.


The WonderWash Portable Washing Machine is not just a laundry solution; it’s a lifestyle choice. Embrace eco-friendly, space-saving laundry with this manual hand-cranked wonder. Whether you’re living in a tiny apartment or enjoying life on the road in your RV, the WonderWash ensures you have clean clothes whenever you need them. With its high-quality materials, stylish design, and generous three-year warranty, it’s the ultimate choice for a convenient and sustainable laundry experience. Make the smart choice today and experience the WonderWash difference.