How to Get Your Makeup Drawer Under Control in 30 Minutes or Less

If you’ve ever found yourself searching for that perfect shade of lipstick buried under a pile of eyeshadows, this blog is for you. In just 30 minutes, we’ll help you declutter, organize, and transform your makeup space into a haven of efficiency and beauty. Let’s dive in!

makeup drawer organizer ideas

Getting your makeup drawer under control in 30 minutes or less is achievable with a bit of focus and organization. Follow these steps to declutter and tidy up your makeup drawer efficiently:

Set up a workspace:

Find a flat surface or table where you can spread out all your makeup items. This will make it easier to sort through everything.

Empty the drawer:

Take everything out of the makeup drawer and place it on your workspace. This will allow you to see all the items you have and assess what needs to be decluttered.

Sort and categorize:

Group similar items together. For example, separate lipsticks, eyeshadows, foundations, brushes, etc. This will help you see how many of each item you have and make it easier to organize.


Now that everything is sorted, start decluttering. Get rid of any expired or old makeup products. Makeup has a shelf life, and using expired products can be harmful to your skin.

Keep your favorites:

Keep the makeup products you regularly use and love. If you have duplicates or similar shades, consider keeping only the ones you prefer or that are in better condition.

Donate or toss:

If you have makeup items that are still usable but you don’t use them or need them, consider donating them if possible. Otherwise, dispose of them properly.

Clean the drawer:

While the drawer is empty, take a moment to clean it thoroughly. Wipe down the surfaces and corners to remove any dust or debris.

Utilize organizers:

Invest in small containers or dividers to keep your makeup items organized within the drawer. Separate different categories to make it easier to find what you need.

Arrange makeup items:

Place your makeup items back into the drawer in an organized manner. Keep frequently used items more accessible.

Label if necessary:

If you have multiple containers or dividers, labeling them can help you stay organized in the long run.

Evaluate storage solutions:

If you find that your makeup collection is still overwhelming, consider alternative storage solutions, like acrylic organizers, makeup bags, or wall-mounted shelves.

Regular maintenance:

To prevent the clutter from returning, make a habit of decluttering and organizing your makeup drawer regularly. Schedule a quick review every few months to keep things in order.

The Bottom Line

With a little effort and our time-efficient tips, you’ve reclaimed your beauty sanctuary. Now, finding your go-to products will be a breeze, and your morning routine smoother than ever. Remember to maintain the organization and enjoy the blissful harmony of a well-managed makeup drawer.

Happy beautifying!