Etekcity Stainless Steel Silver Kitchen Scale – 5 Weight Units

Prepare your meals with precision and ease using the Etekcity Food Kitchen Coffee Scale with Bowl. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an amateur cook, this digital scale is your reliable companion for accurate measurements in the kitchen. From baking and cooking to dieting and meal prep, this scale offers the versatility and precision you need for all your culinary endeavors.

The Etekcity Food Kitchen Coffee Scale with Bowl is a kitchen essential that simplifies the art of cooking and baking. With its high-precision sensors, practical design, and a variety of measurement units, it’s the perfect tool for achieving consistent and delicious results.

Product Features:

  1. High-Precision: This scale offers minimum measurements of 1g, ensuring you get precise readings every time. Upgraded sensors provide instant and reliable measurements for a wide range of items. It features unique dual increments: for weights less than 1000g, it measures in 0.1g increments, and for weights between 1000g and 5000g, it measures in 1g increments.
  2. Practical Bowl: The included bowl is designed for convenience. It flips up and down for easy usage and storage. Its detachable design allows you to mix ingredients freely, and it can be stored in a compact size. The bowl also serves as a space-saving protective cover, allowing you to measure directly without it if preferred.
  3. Various Unit Options: This scale caters to your specific measurement needs. It can weigh items up to 11 lbs (5 kg) across five units of measurement: ounces (oz), pounds (lb), grams (g), fluid ounces (fl oz), and milliliters (mL). Additionally, it can switch between measuring the density of milk and water.
  4. Clear Results: The large backlit display (2.4 x 1.1 inches / 6.2 x 2.8 cm) ensures that your measurement results are easy to read. The display’s increased visibility allows you to accurately assess your measurements with ease.
  5. Multi-function: This scale is versatile, satisfying all your measuring needs. It can handle everything from measuring large cuts of meat, beef, pet and cat/dog food, hair color, to smaller items like coffee, mail, postage, letters, jewelry, seeds, medications, and more.


The Etekcity Food Kitchen Coffee Scale with Bowl offers a range of benefits to enhance your culinary experience:

  • Accuracy: Achieve precise measurements for consistent cooking and baking.
  • Versatility: Measure a wide variety of ingredients and items.
  • Practicality: The detachable bowl simplifies mixing and storage.
  • Convenience: Easily switch between different units and densities.
  • Readability: The large backlit display ensures clear and legible results.


Upgrade your culinary skills with the Etekcity Food Kitchen Coffee Scale with Bowl. Whether you’re following recipes, managing your diet, or preparing gourmet meals, this scale is your reliable partner for precise measurements. Streamline your cooking and baking processes and achieve exceptional results every time. Order your Etekcity Kitchen Scale with Bowl today and elevate your culinary adventures.