Ultimate Home Safety: Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector

Protecting your family from the silent danger of carbon monoxide (CO) has never been easier with the Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector. This life-saving device utilizes cutting-edge electrochemical sensor technology to detect harmful CO gas in your home, ensuring your peace of mind. With its simple plug-in design, battery backup, and array of intelligent features, this detector is a vital addition to any household.

The Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector is designed to keep you safe from the deadly threat of carbon monoxide poisoning. It employs advanced electrochemical sensors to continuously monitor the air in your home for the presence of CO gas. When elevated CO levels are detected, it immediately sounds an 85-decibel alarm, providing a clear warning to you and your loved ones.

Setting up this essential device is a breeze. The Kidde carbon monoxide alarm conveniently plugs into any standard 120V AC power outlet in your home, making it suitable for a wide range of living spaces. Plus, it includes two AA alkaline batteries (included) that serve as a backup power source in case of a power outage, ensuring uninterrupted protection.

One of the standout features of this CO detector is its digital display, which provides real-time information about the level of carbon monoxide detected. The display updates every 15 seconds, allowing you to stay informed and take appropriate action if necessary. Additionally, the Peak Level Memory feature records the time of the last CO detection event or when the unit was last tested, providing valuable information for your safety records.

The Smart-Hush button on the detector is a convenient feature that allows you to silence the alarm for approximately 8 minutes. This is especially helpful when the alarm is triggered by non-emergency events like routine cooking or shower steam, minimizing unnecessary disturbances.

To ensure comprehensive protection for your family, it’s recommended to install a carbon monoxide detector on every level of your home and near bedrooms. This proactive approach helps to safeguard your loved ones from the potentially fatal effects of carbon monoxide exposure.

Rest easy knowing that the Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector is UL Certified and comes with a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. It meets the rigorous requirements of UL 2034, UL 217, NFPA 72 (chapter 11, 2002 edition), The State of California Fire Marshal, NFPA 101 (One and two family dwellings), Federal Housing Authority (FHA), and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) standards.

Product Features:

1. Easy Installation: Simply plug into a standard 120V outlet in your home for quick and hassle-free setup.

2. 2-AA Battery Backup: Ensures continuous protection during power outages, keeping your family safe around the clock.

3. 85-Decibel Alarm: Provides a loud and clear warning when carbon monoxide is detected, ensuring everyone in your home can hear it.

4. Peak Level Memory: Records the time of the last CO detection event or the unit’s last test, offering valuable historical data.

5. Test-Hush Button: Makes testing the detector and silencing false alarms effortless, minimizing disruptions.

6. End of Life Chirp: Notifies you when it’s time to replace the detector for ongoing safety.

7. UL Certified: Meets stringent safety standards and comes with a 10-year limited manufacturer warranty for your peace of mind.


  • Comprehensive protection against carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Easy installation and battery backup ensure continuous coverage.
  • Loud 85-decibel alarm alerts you and your family immediately.
  • Digital display provides real-time CO level updates.
  • Smart-Hush button minimizes disturbances from false alarms.
  • Keeps a record of CO detection events for reference.
  • Complies with industry-leading safety standards and includes a generous warranty.


Invest in the safety of your home and loved ones with the Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector. Its advanced technology, easy installation, and intelligent features make it an essential addition to any household. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a reliable defense against the invisible threat of carbon monoxide. With a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty and adherence to strict safety standards, this detector is the ultimate choice for your family’s safety. Don’t wait—secure your home today with the Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector.