Invisible Acrylic Floating Shelf Set – Modern Storage Solution

This set of six transparent shelves is designed to revolutionize your living space by offering modern storage solutions that seamlessly blend into any room. Whether you’re looking to display your favorite collectibles, add extra shelving for organization, or elevate your home decor, these floating shelves are here to transform your space.

Are you tired of bulky shelves that detract from your room’s aesthetics? The Invisible Acrylic Floating Shelf is here to provide you with a sleek and contemporary alternative. Crafted with precision and designed for easy installation, these transparent shelves offer you the perfect platform to showcase your art, photos, record albums, toys, spices, and more. With the added convenience of detachable hooks, you can also use them to hang towels, accessories, keys, hats, scarves, and other essentials.

Product Features:

Easy Installation: Each set includes six 15.8 x 5.5 x 4-inch wall shelves, complete with mounting hardware for your convenience. To install, simply drill a hole for the anchor prior to mounting. The process is straightforward, allowing you to enjoy your new shelves quickly.

Space-Saving Design: Make the most of your living space by adding additional shelving. These invisible floating shelves are perfect for creating extra storage while maintaining a clean and uncluttered look. Plus, the detachable hooks offer even more storage options, allowing you to hang towels, keys, and more.

Simple and Stylish: The transparent and high-end appearance of these shelves makes them suitable for a variety of spaces, including the bedroom, office, kitchen, living room, and more. They effortlessly blend with your existing decor, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your home.

Multifunctional Use: These invisible floating shelves are incredibly versatile. Use them to display your art collection, showcase record albums, store photos, children’s books, toys, collectibles, or spices. They are also excellent bathroom storage shelves, providing a discreet and stylish solution for your essentials.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: As producers and sellers, we are committed to offering you the best price and service. Our team ensures the best use of acrylic to provide you with top-quality shelves. In the unlikely event of any quality or transport damage issues, we offer hassle-free replacements or refunds within a 30-day satisfaction guarantee period.


  • Elevate your home decor with transparent, modern shelving.
  • Create additional storage space while maintaining a minimalist look.
  • Enjoy the convenience of detachable hooks for added versatility.
  • Easily blend these shelves into any room’s aesthetics.
  • Organize and display various items with style and ease.
  • Shop with confidence thanks to our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.


The Invisible Acrylic Floating Shelf set of six is your gateway to a more organized, stylish, and clutter-free living space. Whether you’re looking to display cherished collectibles, add storage in a bathroom, or streamline your decor, these shelves offer the perfect solution. With easy installation, sleek aesthetics, and multifunctional capabilities, they are a versatile addition to your home. Trust in our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, and elevate your living space with the Invisible Acrylic Floating Shelf!