Revamp Your Space: Hanging Wall Adhesive Solutions

Upgrade your dorm room or apartment decor without the worry of damaging walls or leaving behind sticky residue with Command Small Refill Adhesive Strips. These versatile adhesive strips are designed to work seamlessly with small wall hooks, offering a convenient and damage-free solution for hanging and reorganizing your space. With 16 clear Command Strips included in each package, you’ll have all you need to transform your living area.

Command Small Refill Adhesive Strips are your go-to choice for damage-free hanging in dorm rooms, apartments, and beyond. These adhesive strips provide a hassle-free way to decorate, organize, and revamp your living space without the need for nails, screws, or messy adhesives.

Product Features:

1. Use with Small Wall Hooks: Each package contains 16 Command Small Refill Adhesive Strips, specifically designed to work seamlessly with small indoor wall hooks. Replace the current strips on your hooks effortlessly.

2. Damage-Free Hanging: Enjoy the freedom to redecorate and reorganize as often as you’d like. Command adhesive strips leave no holes, marks, or sticky residue behind, ensuring your walls stay pristine. Move and rehang your Command Wall Hooks whenever inspiration strikes.

3. Works on a Variety of Smooth Surfaces: These wall hanger strips are incredibly versatile, adhering to various smooth surfaces such as painted walls, finished wood, painted concrete cinder blocks, laminate, glass, metal, and tiles in your dorm room or rental. They offer a reliable hold without damaging surfaces.

4. Surface Prep: For optimal adhesion, prepare the desired surface by cleaning it with rubbing alcohol to remove any grime and dust. This step ensures that the wall hanger strips bond securely to the surface. Please note that the indoor temperature must be between 50 degrees Fahrenheit and 105 degrees Fahrenheit for best results.

5. Usage Tips: To achieve the best results, wait seven days after painting before using the refill strips. This allows the paint to cure properly. Avoid hanging over beds or on wallpaper, and refrain from using the wall adhesive strips for valuable or heavy items to prevent any accidents.

6. Easy Clean Removal: When it’s time to remove your wall hooks holding college dorm decor or other items, the removal process is a breeze. Simply lightly hold the top of the removable adhesive strips and slowly pull them straight down towards the floor. This method ensures a clean removal process, preventing damage to walls and surfaces.


  • Effortlessly upgrade your dorm room or apartment decor with Command Small Refill Adhesive Strips.
  • No more worrying about unsightly holes, marks, or sticky residue on your walls.
  • Versatile adhesive strips work with small wall hooks and a variety of smooth surfaces.
  • Proper surface preparation ensures a secure and long-lasting hold.
  • Easy clean removal minimizes damage to walls and surfaces.
  • Create a space that reflects your style and preferences without the hassle of traditional hanging methods.


Command Small Refill Adhesive Strips are your trusted companion for transforming your living space with ease and convenience. Whether you’re redecorating, reorganizing, or adding a personal touch to your dorm room or apartment, these adhesive strips have got you covered. With their damage-free hanging capabilities and simple removal process, you can enjoy the freedom to express your style without limitations. Get your 16 clear Command Strips today and start enhancing your living space effortlessly.