Zest and Peel with Ease: OXO Good Grips Citrus Peeler

Introducing the OXO Good Grips Citrus Peeler – the essential kitchen tool for citrus lovers. This compact and efficient citrus prep peeler and zester are designed to make peeling and zesting citrus fruits an absolute breeze. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just love adding a zesty touch to your dishes, this tool is your ideal companion. Get ready to unlock the vibrant flavors of citrus with ease, thanks to the Good Grips Citrus Peeler.

When it comes to extracting the bright, zesty essence of citrus fruits, the OXO Good Grips Citrus Peeler takes center stage. Crafted with precision and designed for ease of use, this sleek black peeler effortlessly transforms the often tedious task of peeling and zesting into a joy.

Product Features:

Effortlessly Peel and Zest: With the OXO Good Grips Citrus Peeler, you can effortlessly peel and zest citrus fruits of all shapes and sizes. Its sharp, durable Japanese stainless steel blades glide through the fruit’s skin, leaving behind the tantalizing citrus aroma and zest you desire.

Compact, Comfortable Y-Peeler Shape: The Y-peeler shape is renowned for its maneuverability and comfort. The Good Grips Citrus Peeler embodies this design, allowing you to tackle any citrus fruit with ease. It fits comfortably in your hand and works seamlessly with every grip, ensuring your peeling and zesting tasks are swift and efficient.

Sharp, Durable Blades: Crafted from Japanese stainless steel, the blades of this citrus peeler are not only exceptionally sharp but also resistant to rust. You can trust that they will maintain their cutting edge over time, ensuring consistent and reliable performance for years to come.

Non-Slip Ergonomic Handle: The non-slip ergonomic handle provides a secure and comfortable grip, reducing the risk of accidents while peeling or zesting. Whether you’re working on a single lemon or a basket of oranges, you’ll have total control over your movements.

Dishwasher Safe: After extracting the citrusy goodness, cleanup is a breeze. The OXO Good Grips Citrus Peeler is dishwasher safe, saving you time and effort on washing up. Simply place it in the dishwasher, and it will be ready for your next citrus adventure.


The benefits of the OXO Good Grips Citrus Peeler are abundant. It simplifies the task of peeling and zesting citrus fruits, allowing you to enhance your culinary creations effortlessly. The Y-peeler shape ensures that anyone, regardless of their peeling expertise, can use it with ease. The Japanese stainless steel blades not only stay sharp but also resist rust, guaranteeing long-term performance. With its non-slip ergonomic handle, you’ll feel confident and in control while working with this peeler. And when it’s time to clean up, the dishwasher-safe feature makes it a hassle-free experience.


In conclusion, the OXO Good Grips Citrus Peeler is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Its efficiency, comfort, and durability make it a must-have for both amateur and professional chefs. Say goodbye to laborious citrus peeling and zesting and hello to a world of citrus-infused culinary delights. Elevate your cooking and baking game with the OXO Good Grips Citrus Peeler, and make every dish burst with the fresh, vibrant flavors of citrus fruits. Order yours today and experience the convenience and precision this exceptional tool brings to your kitchen.