Froggy’s Fog Machine Cleaner – Keep Your Fog Machine in Peak Condition

Have you ever experienced fog machine clogs or inconsistent fog effects at your events? You’re not alone. Fog machines require regular maintenance to operate at their best. Introducing Froggy’s Fog Fully Clean Fog Machine Cleaner, the secret to optimizing the performance and extending the life of your fog or haze machine. This professional-quality cleaning solution ensures that your fog machine delivers consistent and powerful fog effects, whether it’s for a party, event, or haunted house.

Froggy’s Fog Fully Clean Fog Machine Cleaner is specially formulated to enhance the output and prolong the life of your water-based fog or haze machine. Over time, these machines can accumulate deposits in their heater cores, leading to clogs and reduced performance. Froggy’s Fully Clean comes to the rescue, effectively removing these deposits and ensuring that your fog machine operates smoothly.

Maintenance is made easy with Froggy’s Fog Cleaner. Use it whenever you notice decreased fog output or when storing your machine for extended periods. By incorporating this cleaner into your regular maintenance routine, you prevent clogs, maintain optimal performance, and extend the lifespan of your fog machine. This means uninterrupted and reliable fog effects for your events.

Product Features:

  • Optimize Fog Machine Performance: Froggy’s Fully Clean Fog Machine Cleaner enhances the output of water-based fog or haze machines, ensuring consistent and powerful fog effects.
  • Effective Deposit Removal: This cleaning fluid efficiently cleans out deposits that accumulate in the heater core, preventing clogs and ensuring smooth operation.
  • Easy Maintenance: Use it whenever fog output decreases or during storage to prevent clogging and maintain optimal performance.
  • Extend Your Machine’s Lifespan: Regular cleaning extends the lifespan of your fog machine, providing uninterrupted fog effects for events, parties, or haunted houses.
  • Professional Quality Cleaning Solution: A must-have for fog machine owners and event professionals, this cleaning solution acts as a tune-up for your fog machine.


  • Say goodbye to clogs and inconsistent fog effects.
  • Easy and effective maintenance for your fog machine.
  • Prolong the lifespan of your fogger.
  • Ensure smooth and reliable fog effects.
  • Trust in a professional-quality cleaning solution.


Froggy’s Fog Fully Clean Fog Machine Cleaner Fluid is your solution to maintaining optimal fog machine performance. Say goodbye to clogs and inconsistent fog effects. With easy maintenance and deposit removal, this professional-quality cleaning solution prolongs your fog machine’s lifespan. Whether you’re an event professional or a fog machine owner, Froggy’s Fully Clean is a must-have. Keep your fog machine running smoothly for uninterrupted fog effects at your parties, events, or haunted houses. Trust in the power of Froggy’s Fog Fully Clean Fog Machine Cleaner for the best fog machine performance.