Freezable Snack Box: Keep Snacks and Drinks Cool on the Go

Introducing the Freezable Snack Box, the perfect companion for your on-the-go lifestyle. This versatile snack box is designed to keep your drinks and snacks refreshingly cool while you’re out and about. Slightly larger than our Freezable Snack Bag, it offers even more space to chill your favorite treats. The best part? Say goodbye to messy ice packs because the Freezable Snack Box features Packit’s groundbreaking cooling technology, with non-toxic freezable gel integrated into the bag’s walls. No more hassle, no more waste – just fold and freeze overnight, and you’re ready to roll with perfectly chilled goodies in the morning. This soft-sided bag is your eco-friendly solution to keeping dairy, fruits, veggies, smoothies, and more cool and fresh all day long. Join the Packit revolution and enjoy convenience, savings, and a cooler way to snack.

Are you tired of lugging around bulky ice packs or dealing with melted ice in your cooler bags? The Freezable Snack Box is here to simplify your life. This compact yet roomy snack box is designed for those who are always on the move. It’s perfectly sized to fit into your backpack, gym bag, diaper bag, or stroller, ensuring you’re always equipped with a refreshing snack or drink.

The secret to its cooling prowess lies in its walls, which are infused with non-toxic freezable gel. No more fussing with separate ice packs – simply fold the Snack Box and place it in your freezer overnight. By morning, the entire bag is frozen and ready to keep your snacks and beverages at the ideal temperature for hours on end.

Measuring 5 inches tall, 9 inches long, and 4.5 inches deep, this snack box strikes the perfect balance between portability and capacity. It’s larger than PackIt’s Snack Bag yet smaller than the Original Lunch Bag, making it an excellent choice for those fresh snacks and drinks you crave on the go.

The Freezable Snack Box is designed to accommodate your busy lifestyle. It fits seamlessly into backpacks, gym bags, diaper bags, and more. Plus, the convenient buckle handle lets you clip it onto totes, sports bags, and strollers for easy transport.

The rectangular shape of the Snack Box offers plenty of room to hold small containers or bottles, making it perfect for packing dairy, fruits, veggies, smoothies, and even baby’s snack pouch. Say goodbye to food waste and hello to saving money as your snacks stay cool and fresh throughout the day.

Rest assured, this snack box is made from non-toxic gel and gel liner, and it adheres to PackIt’s high standards of safety. It’s PVC-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and lead-free, ensuring a worry-free snacking experience. Proudly crafted by PackIt, the creator of the ORIGINAL foldable, freezable lunch bag, this snack box is designed in California to meet your needs.

Product Features:

  • Groundbreaking Cooling Technology: Freezable gel built into the bag for hassle-free cooling.
  • Perfect Size: Measures 5″ x 9″ x 4.5″, ideal for fresh snacks and drinks on the go.
  • On-the-Go Design: Fits in backpacks, gym bags, diaper bags, and more, with a convenient buckle handle for easy attachment.
  • Room for Goodies: Rectangular shape accommodates small containers and bottles.
  • Safe and Eco-Friendly: Made from non-toxic materials, PVC-free, BPA-free, phthalate-free, and lead-free.
  • PackIt Quality: Proudly made by PackIt, the original creator of foldable, freezable lunch bags.


  • Enjoy the convenience of an always-ready snack and drink cooler.
  • Keep your snacks and beverages at the perfect temperature without the hassle of ice packs.
  • Travel light with a snack box that perfectly balances size and capacity.
  • Clip it onto your bags or stroller for hands-free convenience.
  • Reduce food waste and save money by enjoying fresh snacks all day long.
  • Trust in a product that meets the highest safety and quality standards.


Upgrade your on-the-go snacking experience with the Freezable Snack Box from PackIt. This innovative snack box offers hassle-free cooling, eliminating the need for separate ice packs. Its compact yet spacious design fits effortlessly into your daily bags, and the non-toxic gel ensures your snacks and drinks stay fresh for hours. Enjoy the convenience, savings, and eco-friendly benefits of the Freezable Snack Box, proudly brought to you by PackIt, the original creator of foldable, freezable lunch bags. Designed in California for snack enthusiasts like you.