Kitchen Essential: The Ultimate Fat Separator

Introducing the OXO Good Grips Good Gravy 4-Cup Fat Separator, your kitchen companion for achieving healthier and more flavorful gravies, soups, and sauces. Say goodbye to excess fat while retaining all the delicious flavors you love. This innovative kitchen tool is designed to simplify your cooking and enhance your culinary creations.

The OXO Good Grips Good Gravy 4-Cup Fat Separator is a game-changer for home chefs and cooking enthusiasts. With its smart design and user-friendly features, it takes the hassle out of separating fat from your culinary masterpieces. Whether you’re whipping up a comforting homemade gravy, a hearty soup, or a savory sauce, this fat separator will become your trusted ally in the kitchen.

Product Features:

Easily Separates Fat: Achieve leaner, healthier dishes effortlessly. This fat separator effectively separates fat from your gravies, soups, and sauces, allowing you to enjoy all the flavor without the added calories.

Built-In Strainer: No more unwanted bits in your dishes. The built-in strainer efficiently catches any undesirable particles, ensuring that your creations are perfectly smooth and delectable.

Non-Slip Handle: Experience ultimate control and precision while separating fat. The non-slip handle releases liquid from the bottom of the separator, leaving the fat behind. This ensures that you can pour with confidence, knowing you won’t accidentally mix in excess fat.

Silicone Shut-Off Valve: Worry-free pouring is at your fingertips. The silicone shut-off valve seals snugly to prevent leaks, so you can pour the separated liquid smoothly and without mess.

Convenient Measurement Markings: Cook with accuracy and ease. This fat separator features convenient measurement markings in cups, ounces, and milliliters, so you can measure and pour your liquids with precision.

External Drain for Quick Cleanup: Spend less time cleaning up and more time savoring your creations. The external drain makes cleanup a breeze, ensuring that you can enjoy your meals without the hassle of scrubbing and soaking.

4-Cup Capacity: With its generous 4-cup capacity, this fat separator is ideal for both small and large cooking projects. Whether you’re preparing a family dinner or a feast for guests, you’ll have plenty of room to work with.


  • Enjoy healthier, leaner gravies, soups, and sauces with ease.
  • Achieve smooth and flavorful results with the built-in strainer.
  • Pour confidently with the non-slip handle and silicone shut-off valve.
  • Cook with precision using the convenient measurement markings.
  • Simplify cleanup thanks to the external drain feature.
  • Accommodate a variety of cooking projects with the 4-cup capacity.


Elevate your cooking and take control of your culinary creations with the OXO Good Grips Good Gravy 4-Cup Fat Separator. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just starting your cooking journey, this kitchen tool will become an indispensable part of your kitchen arsenal. Say goodbye to excess fat and hello to healthier, more flavorful dishes. With its smart design and user-friendly features, it’s time to upgrade your cooking experience. Add the OXO Good Grips Good Gravy Fat Separator to your kitchen today and unlock a world of delicious, leaner meals.