Easy Steam Compact Iron with SmartSteam™ Technology

Introducing the Easy Steam Compact Iron – your trusted companion for wrinkle-free clothes and hassle-free ironing. This compact yet powerful iron is designed to make your ironing experience smoother, more efficient, and worry-free. With innovative features like SmartSteam™ technology and 3-Way Auto Shutoff, you can say goodbye to guesswork and iron with confidence.

Ironing has never been this easy! The Easy Steam Compact Iron is engineered to provide you with the perfect combination of convenience and performance. Whether you’re ironing delicate silk blouses or heavy cotton jeans, this iron can handle it all.

Product Features:

  1. SmartSteam Technology: Say farewell to the days of adjusting steam levels manually. Our proprietary SmartSteam™ technology does it for you. It automatically regulates the steam output based on the fabric setting you choose. This means you get optimal results without the hassle of constantly tinkering with controls.
  2. 3-Way Auto Shutoff: Safety is our priority. With motion-sensitive technology, the iron will automatically turn off if it’s left inactive on its heel, side, or soleplate. You can now iron with peace of mind, even if you occasionally get distracted.
  3. Anti-Drip System: No more frustrating water drips on your clothes. Our iron is engineered to maintain water at the perfect temperature needed for steam generation. This innovative design prevents dripping and ensures a clean, smooth ironing experience.
  4. TrueGlide Nonstick Soleplate: The enhanced soleplate is your secret weapon against wrinkles. It’s specially designed to glide effortlessly across all types of fabrics, making ironing a breeze. You’ll love how easily it moves over your clothes, leaving them beautifully pressed.
  5. Spray Mist Function: Tackling stubborn wrinkles is a breeze with our convenient Spray Mist feature. Just push the button, and a fine mist of water moistens the fabric, allowing you to smooth away even the deepest wrinkles effortlessly.


  • Effortless Ironing: Thanks to SmartSteam™ technology and the TrueGlide Nonstick Soleplate, ironing becomes a breeze. You’ll save time and effort, and your clothes will look professionally pressed.
  • Safety First: The 3-Way Auto Shutoff ensures that your iron turns off when not in use, reducing the risk of accidents and giving you peace of mind.
  • Say Goodbye to Drips: The Anti-Drip system prevents water from dripping onto your clothes, so you won’t have to worry about water spots.
  • Versatile and Effective: Whether you’re ironing delicate fabrics or heavy-duty materials, this iron can handle the job efficiently and effectively.
  • Sleek and Compact Design: The Easy Steam Compact Iron is designed to fit seamlessly into your home. Its compact size makes storage easy, and its modern design adds a touch of style to your ironing routine.


Make ironing a breeze with the Easy Steam Compact Iron. Say farewell to guesswork and hello to effortless, wrinkle-free clothes. With SmartSteam™ technology, 3-Way Auto Shutoff, and a host of other convenient features, this iron is your ticket to a more efficient and enjoyable ironing experience. Invest in the Easy Steam Compact Iron and discover a new level of convenience in your daily routine.