Effortless Ice Making with DOQAUS Ice Cube Trays (4-Pack)

Elevate your ice-making experience with the DOQAUS 14-Ice Cube Trays. This 4-pack of versatile ice trays is designed to make ice-making a breeze while ensuring durability and safety. With easy-release silicone, spill-resistant removable lids, and a stackable design, these ice trays are perfect for cocktails, freezers, and more. Say goodbye to cheap disposable ice trays and welcome the convenience and quality of DOQAUS into your kitchen.

When it comes to ice cubes, you deserve the best. The DOQAUS Ice Cube Trays are crafted with premium silicone and PP material, making them not only BPA-free but also LFGB certified for food-grade safety. These trays are built to last, capable of withstanding long-term low-temperature storage without breaking. No more worries about flimsy ice trays that waste your time and money. It’s time to switch to DOQAUS and enjoy quality ice cubes.

Product Features:

  • Stronger & Safety: DOQAUS ice trays are constructed with premium silicone and PP material, ensuring strength and durability. They are BPA-free and certified to meet LFGB food-grade standards. Say goodbye to cheap, disposable trays that break easily, and invest in the reliability of DOQAUS.
  • Easy Ice Removal: The silicone ice cube trays feature a TPE material and a wider bottom design, making it a breeze to release ice cubes. The soft silicone material remains intact even after prolonged freezing. Each flat cube compartment is separate, allowing you to effortlessly push the ice cubes out. No more struggling with awkward bending or twisting to remove ice cubes.
  • Lids Lifter Designed: For your convenience, each cover is equipped with two lid lifters. These thoughtfully designed ice trays allow you to create perfectly sized ice cubes while preventing spills and the absorption of freezer odors. The easy-release trays stack neatly in the freezer without sticking. Each tray yields 14 nice-sized cubes, totaling 56 cubes (each with a capacity of 27 ml or 1 ounce).
  • Easy to Use & Dishwasher Safe: Making ice cubes couldn’t be simpler. Fill the trays with water, cover the lids, and slide them into the freezer. In addition to water, these silicone ice cube trays can be filled with fruits, ice cream, soda, cocktails, whisky, vodka, ice coffee, wine, and more to customize your favorite flavors. After use, simply place them in your dishwasher for effortless cleaning.
  • Muti-Colors & Good Customer Service: The DOQAUS ice cube trays come in attractive white and green colors, enhancing your ice-making and drinks experience. These kits are perfect for home use, parties, bars, and gifts. If you encounter any issues with the ice cube trays, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing the best solutions for our valued customers, with responses to all inquiries within 24 hours.


  • Experience the durability and safety of premium materials with BPA-free and LFGB-certified ice trays.
  • Enjoy effortless ice removal thanks to TPE material and a wider bottom design.
  • Prevent spills, odors, and sticking with thoughtfully designed lids and separate cube compartments.
  • Customize your ice cubes with various flavors and easily clean the trays in the dishwasher.
  • Add a splash of color and reliability to your ice-making experience.
  • Count on responsive customer service to address any concerns and provide solutions.


Upgrade your ice-making game with the DOQAUS Ice Cube Trays, a set of 4 that brings convenience, durability, and safety to your kitchen. Crafted with premium materials, these trays make ice-making a breeze while ensuring longevity. Say goodbye to flimsy disposable trays and hello to quality and reliability. With easy-release silicone, spill-resistant lids, and stackable design, these trays are perfect for home use, parties, bars, and gifts. Enjoy a hassle-free ice-making experience and count on responsive customer service. Make DOQAUS a part of your kitchen and elevate your ice cube game today!