Versatile Car Door Shock Absorber – Protect and Decorate

Introducing the Lwsengme Car Door Shock Absorber, your solution to maintaining a quiet and scratch-free car door experience. This pack of 30 high-quality soundproof stickers is designed to protect your car’s door edges and absorb shocks, ensuring a peaceful and damage-free driving experience. Say goodbye to annoying door-edge collisions and paint peeling, and embrace the benefits of this easy-to-install, durable, and versatile car accessory.

The Lwsengme Car Door Shock Absorber is engineered to enhance your driving experience by minimizing noise and preventing damage to your car’s door edges. Crafted from high-quality PVC material, these shock absorbers are built to last. Their strength and durability ensure that they won’t easily fall off, even under challenging conditions.

One of the key advantages of this product is its ease of installation. No climbing, welding, drilling, or cutting is required, and you won’t have to worry about damaging your car’s paint during the installation process. The back of each shock absorber features a strong adhesive, ensuring a secure attachment that won’t come loose even in wet conditions.

Measuring just 10mm in compressed thickness and equipped with ventilation holes, these shock absorbers are designed to allow your car doors to close properly without compromising the seal. They seamlessly match the style of your car, providing a fashionable decoration that rejuvenates its appearance.

The versatility of these shock absorbers extends beyond car doors. They can be installed in multiple locations throughout your vehicle, including the car trunk and hood, to reduce common types of damage. This wide range of applications makes them suitable for most car types, including cars, SUVs, RVs, trucks, and more.

Product Features:

  • Quality Material: Crafted from high-quality PVC material for strength and durability, ensuring a quiet car door experience and preventing damage.
  • Easy Installation: No climbing, welding, drilling, or cutting required. The adhesive backing ensures a secure attachment that can withstand wet conditions.
  • Perfect Fit: Compressed thickness of 10mm with ventilation holes ensures proper door closure without compromising sealing. Enhances your car’s appearance.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for various locations in your vehicle, including car doors, trunks, and hoods. Compatible with most car types, including cars, SUVs, RVs, and trucks.


The Lwsengme Car Door Shock Absorber offers a range of benefits for both your car and driving experience. Its high-quality construction provides durability, ensuring long-lasting protection for your car doors. The ease of installation means you can enjoy the benefits without any hassle or potential damage to your car’s paint.

These shock absorbers effectively reduce noise, creating a quieter driving environment. They also act as a protective barrier, preventing small bumps and paint peeling while avoiding scratches and damage to your car’s door edges.

The versatility of these shock absorbers means you can use them in various parts of your vehicle, extending their protective benefits beyond just the car doors. They are compatible with a wide range of vehicle types, ensuring that many drivers can enjoy their advantages.


In conclusion, the Lwsengme Car Door Shock Absorber is your go-to solution for a quieter, more protected, and enhanced driving experience. With its durable PVC construction, easy installation, and versatile application, it provides numerous benefits for your car and daily drives. Say goodbye to door-edge collisions, paint peeling, and unwanted noise, and say hello to a smoother and more enjoyable ride with the Lwsengme Car Door Shock Absorber.