Non-Adhesive Window Tint Film – Easy Installation and Removal

Upgrade your living space with Coavas Window Privacy Film, a versatile and practical solution for enhancing privacy, reducing glare, and protecting your home from harmful UV rays. This non-adhesive static cling film offers easy installation and removal, making it an ideal choice for homeowners and renters alike. With its frosted glass appearance, it adds a touch of elegance to any room while maintaining natural light and comfort.

Are you looking for a way to enjoy privacy without sacrificing the beauty of natural light? Coavas Window Privacy Film is designed to meet your needs. This frosted glass window film offers 96% privacy protection, allowing you to live comfortably without prying eyes while still enjoying the benefits of sunlight.

Product Features:

  • Privacy Protection: Coavas Window Privacy Film provides an impressive 96% privacy shield, ensuring you can go about your daily life with confidence and peace of mind. Say goodbye to nosy neighbors and enjoy the privacy you deserve.
  • Sun Blocking & Glare Control: This window film not only keeps unwanted eyes out but also blocks moderate glares and up to 96% of harmful UV rays. Protect your furniture from fading and create a comfortable living environment.
  • Heat Insulation: Experience the benefits of heat insulation with this window film. Keep your home cool in the summer by blocking excessive heat and maintain warmth during the winter months.
  • Easy to Use & Removable: Coavas Window Privacy Film is incredibly easy to apply without the need for adhesive. It uses static cling technology, making installation a breeze. Plus, it’s removable without leaving any sticky residue behind, allowing for repositioning or reuse.
  • Economical & Wide Application: Say goodbye to heavy curtains or blinds and save on energy bills. This frosted window film is perfect for offices, bathrooms, or any room where privacy is essential without compromising on style.


Enhance your living space with Coavas Window Privacy Film and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased privacy without sacrificing natural light
  • Protection from harmful UV rays and glare
  • Energy-efficient solution to reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Easy installation with no adhesive and residue-free removal
  • Versatile use in various rooms and settings
  • Elegant frosted glass appearance for added style


Coavas Window Privacy Film is the perfect addition to your home or office, offering privacy, style, and energy efficiency. Enjoy a more comfortable and private living space while still basking in the beauty of natural light. Upgrade your windows with Coavas Window Privacy Film and experience the benefits for yourself. Say goodbye to prying eyes and hello to a more comfortable and stylish environment.