Double Sided Dot Stickers – Adhesive Tape Sticker Set

Introducing the Adhesive Tape Sticker, a versatile and convenient solution for all your adhesive needs. With 280 double-sided dot stickers, these removable, waterproof, and clear sticky tack dots are perfect for festival decorations, crafts, and more. Whether you’re decorating for a special occasion or tackling DIY projects, these dot stickers provide a strong hold without leaving a trace. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional adhesives and experience the convenience of these clear and reliable sticky dots.

The Adhesive Tape Sticker is designed to simplify your adhesive needs with its durable and flexible material. Made of high-quality and good viscosity material, these transparent dot stickers are not only reusable but also leave no glue marks when removed. Your surfaces will remain undamaged, making them ideal for various applications.

Product Features:

Durable Material: Crafted from a flexible and durable material, these double-sided dot stickers offer reliability and longevity. They are transparent and not visible, ensuring that your decorations or projects maintain their aesthetic appeal. Reuse them without worrying about damage.

Good Viscosity and Water Resistance: The clear poster tape stickers feature excellent adhesion and water resistance. They easily adhere to most surfaces and can serve as a versatile substitute for bolts and screws. Enjoy the convenience of a reliable adhesive that works well even in challenging conditions.

Easy to Peel Off: Each transparent sticky putty dot comes with a white protective film. When you’re ready to use them, simply remove the protective film and apply the dot where needed. Over time, the sticky putty will securely bond, providing a strong hold for your items.

Wide Application: These multipurpose poster tapes are suitable for a wide range of surfaces, including plastic, wood, glass, ceramics, metal, balloons, paper, cloth, resin, and more. They are perfect for fixing paintings, posters, photos, models, decorations, or any DIY crafts. Experience the convenience of these dot stickers in your daily life.

What You Will Get: With each purchase, you’ll receive 4 sheets of sticky tacks, with each sheet containing 70 round putty dots. In total, you’ll have 280 dot stickers at your disposal. Each dot has a diameter of 0.8 inches (20mm), ensuring that you have an ample supply for various projects and decorations.


  • Convenient and versatile adhesive solution.
  • Durable and reusable material for long-lasting use.
  • Reliable adhesion with water resistance.
  • Easy-to-peel-off design for hassle-free application.
  • Ideal for festival decorations, crafts, and DIY projects.


Upgrade your adhesive game with the Adhesive Tape Sticker, featuring 280 double-sided dot stickers that offer durability, reliability, and convenience. These transparent and waterproof sticky tack dots are perfect for festival decorations, crafts, and various DIY projects. Enjoy a strong hold without worrying about residue or damage to your surfaces. Simplify your adhesive needs and experience the convenience of these clear and versatile dot stickers. Whether you’re decorating for a special occasion or enhancing your DIY projects, these dot stickers are the perfect adhesive solution. Get yours today and experience the difference!