Brighten Your Exterior with Adhesive Outdoor Solar Lighting

We’re excited to introduce our upgraded solar motion lights, designed to illuminate your outdoor spaces like never before. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, our solar lights offer enhanced coverage, motion sensitivity, and eco-friendliness. Discover how these lights can transform your outdoor areas into well-lit, secure havens.

Description: CLAONER Solar Lights Outdoor are engineered to provide exceptional illumination, security, and energy efficiency for your outdoor spaces. With an array of advanced features and benefits, these lights are the perfect addition to your home’s exterior.

Product Features:

1. Upgraded Solar Outdoor Lights: Our solar-powered motion lights boast a remarkable 270° illumination angle, offering 200% more coverage than competing solar lights. The rechargeable battery ensures longer lighting periods, setting our lights apart from the rest. Choose from three versatile lighting modes to suit your specific needs.

2. Brighter & Larger Coverage Lighting: Experience the power of 270° wide-angle illumination and reflector LED beads, delivering superior brightness and expansive coverage. The enhanced PIR motion sensor detects movement up to 12-20 feet away with a 120° detection angle. Each lighting cycle lasts approximately 20 seconds and can be extended for another 20 seconds if additional motion is detected.

3. High Efficiency & Eco-Friendly: Our solar security lights feature rechargeable batteries that can provide continuous illumination for extended periods, meeting your everyday lighting requirements while promoting energy efficiency. The solar panel collects sunlight during the day, storing electricity to light up your outdoor space at night. With approximately 10 hours of exposure to sunlight during the day, these solar lights are ready to detect motion and provide light at night.

4. Easy Installation & IP65 Waterproof: Installing our LED solar security lights is a breeze, offering two options: use the provided screws or the double-sided tape included in the package. These lights are constructed with high-strength ABS material and an IP65 waterproof design, ensuring durability and functionality even in adverse weather conditions. Whether it’s rain or shine, these solar lights will brighten your garden, yard, garage, driveway, front door, patio, fence, and more.

5. 3 Optional Lighting Modes: The upgraded 128 LED solar lights offer three versatile working modes:

  • Normally On Mode (stays on at medium light)
  • Dim Light to High Light Sensor Mode (turns to dim light if no motion is detected for 20 seconds)
  • No Light to High Light Sensor Mode (turns off if no motion is detected for 20 seconds) These modes provide convenience and safety, catering to your unique requirements.


  • Enhanced Coverage: Enjoy a broader illumination angle and larger coverage area for well-lit outdoor spaces.
  • Improved Sensitivity: Motion detection up to 12-20 feet away with 120° angle for increased security.
  • Eco-Friendly: Solar-powered for energy-efficient, eco-conscious lighting.
  • Easy Installation: Choose your preferred method for a hassle-free setup.
  • Versatile Modes: Select the lighting mode that suits your needs for added convenience.


In conclusion, CLAONER Solar Lights Outdoor are your go-to solution for reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly outdoor lighting. With enhanced coverage, motion sensitivity, and three versatile lighting modes, these lights provide not only illumination but also peace of mind. Upgrade your outdoor spaces with these high-quality, waterproof solar lights and experience enhanced security and visibility every night. Transform your surroundings and enjoy the benefits of CLAONER Solar Lights Outdoor today.