Jetec Adhesive Knob Collection: Perfect for Cabinets and Drawers

Introducing the Jetec Adhesive Knob, the perfect solution for enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your cabinets, drawers, windows, wardrobes, and more. This package includes 20 versatile and convenient adhesive cabinet knobs that are designed to provide an instant handle wherever you need it. Crafted from sturdy plastic, these knobs are not only reliable but also easy to carry and use. With their classic black color, they effortlessly match any style, adding a touch of beauty and retro atmosphere to your space. Explore the world of possibilities that these adhesive knobs offer, and discover how they can simplify your daily life.

The Jetec Adhesive Knob is a game-changer for anyone looking to add functionality and style to their furniture and fixtures without the need for complicated installations. This package includes 20 adhesive cabinet knobs, each made of high-quality plastic that’s both durable and lightweight. The knobs are designed to be smooth and flat, ensuring there are no pointed corners or edges, making them safe for everyday use. Their compact size makes them easy to carry and use, and they’re a versatile addition to your home.

Product Features:

Package and Material: You’ll receive a generous set of 20 stick-on cabinet handles, each crafted from sturdy plastic. These knobs are designed to be smooth, flat, and free from pointed corners or edges, ensuring safety and comfort during use. Their lightweight and compact design make them incredibly easy to carry and install wherever needed.

Classic Size and Color: With an upper diameter of approximately 2 cm (0.79 inches), a lower diameter of about 3.6 cm (1.42 inches), and a height of roughly 1.2 cm (0.47 inches), these knobs offer the perfect size for a comfortable grip. The classic black color of these wardrobe handles effortlessly complements any style, adding a touch of beauty and a retro atmosphere to your surroundings.

Applicable Surface: These adhesive knobs are incredibly versatile and suitable for a wide range of surfaces. Whether you’re working with glass, ceramic tile, stainless steel, wood board, or any other smooth and clean surface, these knobs leave no traces or stains behind. They bring convenience to your life without causing any damage or leaving unsightly marks.

Broad Utilization: Thanks to their strong adhesion, these mini handle helpers are reliable and won’t easily fall off. You can apply them to windows, wardrobes, cabinets, drawers, and even glass doors. They make opening and closing doors a breeze, providing a helping hand where you need it most. Say goodbye to struggling with doors and drawers, and simplify your daily routines.


  • Set of 20 adhesive cabinet knobs for various applications.
  • Made of sturdy plastic for reliability and safety.
  • Classic black color complements any style.
  • Versatile and compatible with a wide range of surfaces.
  • Simplifies opening and closing doors, enhancing convenience.


Upgrade your living space with the Jetec Adhesive Knob, your trusted companion for adding both functionality and style to your furniture and fixtures. With 20 adhesive cabinet knobs in each package, these knobs are not only reliable but also easy to carry and use. Their classic black color effortlessly matches any decor style, while their versatile applicability makes them a must-have in your home. Say goodbye to the hassle of drilling holes and welcome the simplicity and convenience of adhesive knobs. Transform your living space effortlessly—order your Jetec Adhesive Knobs today and experience the difference they make in your daily life.